Mitchell County Bridges Mentoring Program

posted on Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Mitchell County Bridges Mentoring program is a community-based, one-on-one organization that matches trained and screened adult mentors with school age children in need of another positive adult role model in their lives. It has been active for more than 18 years and has helped almost 400 children.

“Bridges is committed to children and their long-term success,” says long-time Bridges supporter Rae Anne Havig. “Bridges Mentoring and its volunteers are truly changing the l...ives of children in their community by providing them with once-in-a-lifetime educational experiences.”

School counselors, parents, churches or individuals can refer children from kindergarten through high school to join the program. A representative from Bridges meets with the referred child and then matches him or her with a mentor. The child and mentor meet at least once per week for activities such as going to the library, going for a walk, going to the park or simply visiting and talking.

The Mitchell County Bridges Mentoring Program will use the $1,000 grant from the Iowa Select Farms' CommunityCare Program to provide a free one-day educational event called Bridges Rendezvous for their fifty-five mentors and mentees. “This grant is allowing children to do things they would never get to do,” Havig says. “Many of them have never even been out of the state, let alone gone on an exciting adventure with their friends.”

A total of three excursions have been planned, including a visit to Pikes Peak State Park, the Froelich Museum, and Maiden Voyage Boat Tour. Each child will be provided with sack lunches and a tour guide pack consisting of education materials and pictures.”

“Many of our mentees struggle with trying new activities and expanding their horizons,” says Lacey Waller, Bridges Mentoring Program Coordinator. “With the Bridges Rendezvous activity, participants will have the opportunity to work with local naturalists, who specialize in education, conservation, and recreation and especially the many benefits of nature exploration for youth.” #communitycare #billionplus