posted on Monday, August 15, 2016

“I like to take care of people,” said Monty, who simply stated what he enjoys most about managing the warehouse in Afton. “It feels good to help people out and get them on their way so they can do well at their jobs.”

Since 2007, Monty has been supplying the 52 farms and eight maintenance technicians in our southern Iowa territory with anything from coveralls, boots, laundry detergent, heat lamps, paint markers and ear tags to parts for plumbing, ventilation and feed systems.

To put it even more precisely,from January through July of this year Monty fulfilled 1,896 orders representing 325,997 individual parts or units, while also keeping watch on his inventory and ordering supplies to replenish anything the farms need.

"I stay in contact with the farm managers and supervisors to keep the communication open," said Monty, who also works to anticipate orders based on inventory data generated from the Tools site.The Tools site lets managers easily place orders for supplies, and gives regional warehouse managers like Monty the information he needs to keep on top of inventory.

“I appreciate how organized Monty is, he always knows exactly what he has on his shelves,” said Don, senior sow supervisor for the southern Iowa region. “He can fulfill his orders quickly and efficiently, and that directly impacts the ability of our supervisors and farm managers to stay focused on pig care. Plus, he’s always in a friendly mood. It’s always a pleasure working with him, the Afton office wouldn’t be the same without him.”

“Monty always goes out of the way to help a farm and chase down those ‘one off’ items they need to do their jobs,” said Julie, who supervisors all of the regional warehouses. “Having him on my team is wonderful, and the best part is that I can always count on him to make me laugh!”

“If you call the warehouse, 98% of the time Monty knows if he has an item in stock without having to look,” said Jay Cox, manager at Gravity GDU. “He knows what we’ll need and saves a lot of time and energy from the back and forths, and it allows us to stay focused on pig care. He’s a tremendous help to all of us, and we’d be lost without him.” #billionpounds