Mormon Trail Chamber

posted on Monday, October 23, 2017

“The trailer and all the equipment inside is used for community fundraisers,” says Mormon Trail Chamber Fundraiser Chairman, Ed Coffey. “The money raised goes right back to the area to help fund local organizations and projects.”

When the back door of the trailer is opened, a griddle, popcorn maker, snow cone machine and ten-foot long charcoal grill stand neatly organized. Everything is on wheels, making the process of setting up and tearing down easy. “It makes it easier and more convenient to have everything all in one place, and on wheels,” Coffey says.

Iowa Select Farms is proud to have helped the Mormon Trail Chamber purchase the trailer that houses the food equipment with a $7,062 Community Care Grant. Members of the chamber were kind enough to place a small plaque on the side of the trailer thanking Iowa Select Farms.

In addition to the convenience of the new food trailer, the Chamber has a lot to be proud of when it came to their inspection. “The food inspector said we did a wonderful job, which rarely happens,” Coffey says. Chamber members and the community are excited and proud to have the new addition for future family-fun events.