Multiplication Select Pride Award Goes to Howard for 2 Quarters

posted on Friday, September 9, 2022

SP winner Travis Hartman
“Good pig care is about paying attention to the details at the pen level,” said Travis Hartman, a repeat SelectPride winner in the multiplication system. Travis is the manager of Howard multiplier near Tingley, Iowa and has earned numerous awards for production results, including production well-being and biosecurity assessment scores.

He chuckles when he says there is nothing special or unique about pigs or the farm. He does say he makes sure he and his team are sorting pigs well, checking on air, feed and water, and treating pigs with health issues early—a common theme amongst successful caretakers. He follows all biosecurity precisely to keep his health status free of PRRS and other swine diseases that would challenge his herd.

Travis said he also appreciates having trusted co-workers, like Brandon Munyon and Ricky Cena, who contributed to Howard multiplier nursery's success this past year.
“Travis has a ton of experience in multiplication and leans on that experience to better his farms and his team,” said Tysen Abell, multiplication supervisor. “Travis, Ricky, and Brandon just offset each other well. They all bring experience and a good work ethic to the table and seemed to mesh well together, hence the consistent, outstanding performance.”

And beginning next week, Travis is moving up! Soon he’ll be managing the teams at Gourley, Lee, Dolecheck, Pattel and Howard nurseries.

Congratulations, Travis, Ricky and Brandon, on your Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 SelectPride success and your new responsibilities in the multiplication system!