Murray Public Library Welcomes a Henry's Heroes STEM Cart

posted on Saturday, June 17, 2023

Quite a few Iowa Select Farms employees nominated Murray Public Library for a Henry’s Heroes STEM cart, saying the library offers families a welcoming, safe environment.

Libraries are a staple of our Homegrown Iowa communities. With hundreds of public libraries scattered throughout our state, Iowa consistently ranks in the top five states nationwide for our number of public libraries.

And our employees are right.

These free, trusted and welcoming gathering places do a lot to support our communities and families.

From providing access to learning resources kids don’t get at home to serving as a safe place to access the internet or hang out after school, libraries make a difference in rural communities even while consistently underfunded.

The carts donated by Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation include a variety of STEM toys and kits that encourage organic and structured play grounded in science, technology, engineering and math concepts.

Why STEM? We know early exposure to STEM education benefits kids. In addition to promoting critical thinking, analytical reasoning, innovation and creativity, STEM activities teach cognitive, social and emotional development at all ages.Murray Library STEM cart