Myles Promes,

posted on Sunday, September 22, 2019


Living in a suburb of Des Moines, Myles Promes didn’t foresee his career path pointing to livestock production until he saw an opening for a tech job with Iowa Select Farms. With a degree in technology management from the University of Northern Iowa, he was skeptical of what pig farming would offer someone like him.

“Until I was inside a farm, I didn’t realize how sophisticated they are,” he said. “Computers, phone, high speed internet and network access tie to essential functions like feeding and barn temperature, and it has to run smoothly 24/7. Even though I don’t care for the pigs in the sense of choring, I’m just as accountable for their care as anyone.”

Myles is one of five low voltage techs assigned to installation, routine maintenance and emergency support to farms across the state. This means he’s on the road most days in and around Iowa’s small towns.

What made him accept the job with Iowa Select Farms is what he still thinks is cool—that the company supports rural communities. “I’m just a small town kid from Gowrie living in Urbandale,” he said. “I get to travel across the countryside and still be a part of agriculture, and that feels good.”