National Ag Day Celebration

posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Group Nat. Ag Day
Today is Agriculture Council of America: National Ag Day so, of course, we are celebrating the day by giving back to some of our Homegrown Iowa communities. We know that food brings everyone to the table and there’s no better way to have a healthy, balanced meal than with a serving of pork.

So, what will we be up to?
• 57,600 servings of pork
• 159 miles of rural Iowa roads
• 24 Henry’s Heroes boxes loaded with baby supplies
• 12 food pantries
• 10 great communities
• 3 employees ready to give with joy

In true Iowa fashion, a spring rain shower is in store for the whole day, but that doesn’t scare us away! Follow along with us all day tomorrow as we highlight not only our outstanding food pantries but other aspects of the ag industry that makes Iowa so amazing.