National Ag Day Visits the Ruth Project in Iowa Falls

posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Ruth Project
We are thrilled to begin this year’s National Ag Day by visiting the Ruth Project, a food pantry in our very own hometown of Iowa Falls. Reverend Marlys Williams, who has run this pantry for 11 years, does so much for those who live in Iowa Falls and surrounding communities. Today, we were able to fill her brand new freezer with 1,920 servings of pork loin, one of the most nutritious proteins you can eat.

Did you know the state of Iowa is the number one producer of pork in the United States? Iowa is abundant in natural resources which makes it the perfect place to raise livestock, such as pigs. As farmers and pork producers, we’re proud to celebrate agriculture today and every day. Follow along with us all day to see where we are visiting next.

Ruth Project 2Ruth Proj. 3