National Ag Day-Stop #6 Parkersburg

posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Today is National Ag Day and we at Iowa Select Farms have been making ground pork deliveries all over Iowa. National Ag Day is about celebrating all forms of agriculture and the impact it has on Iowa and the world.

Our next stop of the day is here in Parkersburg! We are at the A-P Food Pantry
in the Doescher-Dudley Civic Center to deliver 850 pounds of ground pork!

Around Christmas time this year, they were serving 100 families in the community and are so grateful for the donations from dairy’s to pork producers. Thank you Arlington-Parkersburg Food Pantry volunteers for all of the helping hands.

Home to 61 of our farms and one of the largest producing counties of soybean meal, Butler county has communities we are proud to support as they work hard to feed and fuel the world.

Stay tuned as we travel to Grundy County next and are joined by a very special guest!