New Beginnings Food Pantry-Mason City

posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

We made a visit to New Beginnings, a safe haven for abused women and their children in Mason City. New Beginnings and their sister-organization Northern Lights (which is a similar shelter for men) serves more than 500 families in the Cerro Gordo area.

"Donations like this really make a big impact on the families that are staying here," said director Jeanie Kingery. "Clients are extremely grateful when they can come here and get a helping hand when they need it most. Our facilities allow them to cook their own meals and it's amazing how one simple, delicious dinner has a way of lifting someone's spirits."

Oddly enough, the partnership between the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, Iowa Select Farms and New Beginnings started several years ago when we read an article about them in a local paper. After learning about the great work that they were doing, we knew right away that we wanted to support their efforts.

Thank you for allowing us to support your organization and more importantly, for the tremendous work that you are doing to support families in need.