New Opportunities, Green County— Haul Out Hunger

posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019

“It’s not uncommon for parents to feed their children and then go without a meal for themselves,” said Teresa Lansman of New Opportunities Greene County. “But adults need protein and other nutrients, too. No one should have to go to bed hungry at night, no matter their situation.”

group picture at new opportunities greene county

After filling the freezers at the Greene County Christian Action Resource Center, we headed around the corner to New Opportunities Greene County where Teresa was waiting with empty freezers—and a giant smile.

“We just get so excited about this donation every year because it’s such a treat for the clients and families we serve,” continued Teresa. “Families know that they’ll have more than a good meal. They can stretch a loin like this into several, which is really comforting for them”

With locations across the state, New Opportunities provides a variety of treatment, outreach, weatherization and food assistance services to income eligible individuals.

TeresaNew opportunities

“We help families in emergency situations,” she explained. “Food assistance is one of the many services we provide, but usually it’s just a pound of hamburger or supplies for PB and J. These loins are really above and beyond, something that no one is ever expecting.”

On our visit today, Haul Out Hunger unloaded 8 cases of pork loins—enough to provide 1,728 servings of pork for Greene County families in need.