New Opportunities, Sac City—Haul Out Hunger

posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019

“We are here to serve children and adults in emergency situations and also to break the cycle of poverty,” said Autumn Simonson, Family Development Coordinator at New Opportunities in Sac City. “We strive to remove barriers that limit people from achieving self-sufficiency.”

Sac City New Opportunities

New Opportunities is one of 18 community action agencies serving low-income families in the state of Iowa. “We help meet basic needs while encouraging and developing individuals’ own capacity to do so,” explained Autumn.”

Nestled right next to The Scoop, the Sac City location serves more than 100 families per month. Whether it’s the food pantry, utility crisis assistance, financial literacy counseling or providing school supplies, New Opportunities offers a variety of programs and services that benefit the community.

Thanks for the picture ladies!AJ carrying a 70 lb case of pork loins

During today’s stop, Haul Out Hunger unloaded 48 pork loins—enough to provide 864 servings of pork for food-insecure families in the community.

“It’s rewarding to help any way that we can,” continued Autumn. “This pork loin donation is going to be a huge boost for our clients. Access to protein is limited, but it’s so important for growth and development.”

In addition to pork loins, our crew delivered a Henry’s Heroes care package with supplies for families with young children.

Henry's Heroes supplies

Inspired by Henry Johnson, Deb and Jeff Hansen's grandchild and the son of Natalie and Jake Johnson, Henry’s Heroes brings children’s personal care items to hospitals, food pantries and women and children’s shelters. Natalie had the vision for Henry’s Heroes after she and Jake organized a donation of Henry's baby shower items to Blank Children's Hospital.

“We have all witnessed the pain in our world for the lack of even the most basic needs to raise a child, even in our own communities,” said Natalie. “From basics like bottles and diapers to more fun items like books, toys, and the cutest clothes, Henry’s Heroes brings joy to children and their caretakers when they are in most need.”

New Opportunities World's Largest Popcorn Ball in Sac City!