Next Stop: Le Mars!

posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

“Twenty years later, my kids are grown, and in college, my house is still full of laughter, learning and love because I get to care of little kiddos,” said Jen, a day care provider in Le Mars. “I wouldn’t want to spend my days any other way.”

In her beautiful home, Jen shared memories that inspired her to continue to do day care long after her kids were in school. She knew it was her calling, and so she kept going, even with the challenges of the last two years. Like farmers, child care providers truly become essential workers for people who could not work from home. People like Jen genuinely deserve our admiration, and we could never say thank you enough.

“Jen has been vital to my family,” said Katy, an Iowa Select Farms employee who nominated Jen for a Little Farmer Toy Box. “She took my little nephews in during the height of the pandemic when most in-home day care providers were closing. She really helped our family, and I just don't know if she truly understands just how special and important she is to us.”

“Most of the kids in Jen’s care have a direct tie to farming or agriculture in some way,” said Katy. “The kids love playing with tractors and farm animals, learning and reading all about them, so to have just a new batch of ag-inspired toys will go a long way for kids in Jen’s care.”

kids play with toys

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