Ochylski Hits Its Stride

posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How to correctly pronounce Sow 17's official name, Ochylski, will forever be a mystery (Sow Supervisors still aren't quite sure ) but if there's one thing that's clear, it's that the farm's crew is really starting to hit some production strides.

Between the manager reigns switching several hands the past couple of years, the farm breaking with PRRS and welcoming new manager, Loni, in November, the farm has dealt with a lot of uncertainty; however, according to supervisor Philip, they're turning a corner and doing a tremendous job.

"This is a whole new crew and they're really starting to get into a groove and see the efforts of their teamwork pay off," he said. "PCP is improving, total born is improving and the farrowing rate is on its way. I think they're capable of ending the year in the Top 15 rankings. I've very excited for them."

In addition to Loni, the farm team is comprised of breeding department head, Orfael, assistant breeding department head, Val, breeding leads, Juan, Angel, Andres, Misael and Fabiola, and animal caretakers Jesse and Cody.

"We've got a good flow going now and I think it's because of the teamwork, trust and direction we've been able to establish in the past three months," said Loni. "We've still got a lot to accomplish, but we're taking the baby steps we need to get there."

Keep up the great work, Sow 17. You've got this!