Operation Christmas Meal On the Go in Osage

posted on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

We couldn’t have picked a better location than Osage for the inaugural year of Operation Christmas Meal On the Go. Not only is it home for our northeast Iowa warehouse, it is also home for many of our employees, farm managers, contract growers and many corn and soybean farmers who benefit from our crop fertility program.

“This is just another way that Iowa Select Farms tells communities and the people that work for the company that they care,” said Cindy Ziegler, Osage Warehouse Manager for Iowa Select Farms. “It’s great that they’re bringing the event to smaller communities and helping people here.”

In addition to Osage, Operation Christmas Meal On the Go – an effort that provides families with a nutritious 5-pound pork loin roasts – visited 12 communities throughout the state of Iowa, donating 500 pork loins to families in-need at every stop.

A big thanks goes out to all of our employees, their families and our friends at Northern Country Cooperative who braved the cold to participate in this year’s event. Together, we were able to support more than 500 families in-need with pork loin roasts and coupons for $10 worth of fresh pork products.

As farmers and pork producers it feels good to help families, and feels even better to see the spirit of Christmas and giving ignited throughout the community of Osage. Check out the video here