Osage Community Schools Power Snack Delivery

posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018

“It is hard to believe so many children don't receive the basic food and nutrition they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and function,” said Osage High School Counselor, Michelle Dohlan. “Without the proper diet, children are unable to focus in school because they are more concerned with the growling tummy and when their next meal will be.”

About 25 percent of students at Osage High School are on free and reduced lunch. Dohlan says she over hears students talk about empty cupboards at home and how coming to school hungry is difficult. But, there are also students who do not talk about their food insecurity at all. “Some students are ashamed to admit they have empty cupboards at home so they don’t say much at all,” Dohlan continued. “It’s difficult knowing there are students out there that we can’t help.”

Unfortunately, food insecurity is all too common in school across Iowa, not just in Osage. In fact, one in five children in Iowa are not receiving enough to eat, especially when it comes to talking about a healthy diet. Food insecurity makes it difficult to purchase nutritious food.

The Power Snack Program, organized and funded by the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, is providing coupons for food insecure children throughout Iowa to help ease the burden of not having enough funds to purchase nutritious food that is critical in both physical and cognitive development. With a super hero theme, the Power Snack Program is providing students with $5 coupons for shaved or sliced ham and $3 coupons for a loaf of whole wheat bread. Together, these ingredients make a Power Snack – a healthy, delicious and nutritious snack students can make on their own and become superheroes for the day.

“If we know a student is hungry, we will find food to give him or her,” Dohlan explained. “We provide granola bars and cereal to these students. This way they can stay on task in class and focus on what is being taught.”

The Power Snack Program supports 55 students at Osage High School and 15 students at Osage Middle School with coupons four times throughout the school year – a contribution valued at $2,240. Most coupons are distributed before extended holiday breaks, like the one students are returning from this week.

“The Power Snack Coupons will be an awesome addition to our BackPack program and for our students,” said Liz Schaub, Osage Middle School Counselor. “Not only will these snacks help keep our students full and focused, but they will also be especially helpful during the holidays and extended breaks. They will provide a lot of families with a little something extra.”

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