Parkersburg Food Pantry

posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016

As we headed over to Aplington/Parkersburg Food Pantry, we got to chatting with pantry coordinator, Margaret Schruck and the volunteers who help out. Always great to see familiar and friendly faces, the tight knit community of Parkersburg has many roots and connections with Iowa Select and our contractors.

The Parkersburg Food Pantry was started in 2005 and Margaret has served as the coordinator for the last 6 years. They receive a lot of support from local churches and community members who volunteer or donate items. Top distribute all the donations and food, Margaret packs boxes for each family.

“We serve between 40 and 60 families and sometimes up to 90 families in the winter months,” said Margaret. “We pack a box for each family with about 38 to 40 lbs. We try to supply a wholesome meal in each box so we’ll give them fruit, vegetables, boxed meals, pasta, toilet paper, detergent etc.”

“We’re so thankful for the pork loins. They help us provide a full meal for our families’” said Margaret.