Patty's Pleasant Personality

posted on Monday, January 11, 2021

Patty's retirement

We all have those very special people in our lives. You know who they are—the ones who always brighten your day and touch your heart. They are genuinely kind, helpful and extend grace and compassion to both longtime colleagues and perfect strangers.

We were so lucky to have had one of those special people as our receptionist—the first person who greeted, quite literally, thousands of callers and visitors throughout her 22 years with Iowa Select Farms.

“I think back on all the ‘golden oldies’ that helped build Iowa Select Farms into the company that it is today, and Patty is one of those people,” said Tony. “Not because of age, but because she is truly golden.”

 Patty retired from Iowa Select Farms after serving as the main receptionist for the last ten years. Prior to working as receptionist, Patty spent time working for the health services and production accounting teams.

“She’ll be so missed by all of us, but also by the many callers that became accustomed to Patty’s friendly voice before quickly connecting them to the right person,” said Kerry. “She also helped ease the nerves of many people who came in to apply for a job or for their first job interview. Patty also extended kindness and understanding to others.”

In addition to her front desk responsibilities, she also took care of odd jobs that come with the territory—fixing jams in the copy machine, coordinating mailings, overseeing shipping and point out the supply closet to all of our new employees over the years.

And, some extra odd jobs, the ones that just get taken care of without a lot of fanfare—updating the site mowing lists, tracking the ultrasound machine repairs and ordering sow cards for the farm managers. She even had the prestigious honor of distributing the highly anticipated PIC 1,000-day calendars out to the farms and supervisors.

“Throughout the years, Patty has been so helpful to each and every one of us,” said Cassandra. “Her commitment to helping people and being kind has remained steadfast and I have no doubt that will continue after she leaves Iowa Select Farms and starts to enjoy retirement.”

Congratulations, Patty! We appreciate all you’ve done for Iowa Select Farms over the years and wish you nothing but the best on your well-deserved retirement.