People Care Council-Amber

posted on Friday, January 13, 2023

“What makes this company a Top Workplace is the gratitude we feel from Jeff and Deb and the leaders we work alongside. And I say ‘alongside’ because there is never a mindset of “that’s not my job” around here—everyone pitches in to get the work done,” said Amber Becker, accounting manager and member of the People Care Council. “The positive culture is a big part of why I love working here and want to be a part of keeping that great culture going.”

Formed in early 2022, the People Care Council is a 20-member council that funnels feedback and ideas around recruitment and retention to the leadership team. They meet regularly to learn about existing company programs while collaborating on specific task forces organized to dive into particular processes to improve the overall employee experience.

Amber says she’s had many peers reach out with questions and input and that every year they’ll take on a different focus and adapt to the feedback the council is hearing.

In year one, the team worked on hosting two different regional events to allow employees to meet each other, build relationships and participate in family-friendly events.

“The regional events we hosted right out of the gate helped us better connect,” said Amber. “It’s been much fun planning the regional events, and I’ve been able to put faces with names which have helped.”

“Next year, we might try for company-wide experiences to keep building relationships across the farms, departments and regions,” said Amber.

Amber is on the task force focused on updating and strengthening Standard Operating Procedures, a common practice that helps employees know exactly what to do in various situations.

Amber raised her hand to serve on that force because she admittedly says the accounting department has many processes documented, down to the most minor task. “I thought I could bring some of my experience and put out some ideas for others to clarify or strengthen.”

Amber says she would encourage anyone to get involved in the council, events, and opportunities the company offers. “We’re always stronger when we have more perspectives and ideas in front of us.”

Thank you, Amber, for serving on the People Care Council!