People Care Council-Eric

posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2023

"If you are looking for a place to work where people are engaged with their employees and care about both work life and home life, this is the place,” said Eric Bottorff, Senior IT Technician and member of the People Care Council. “We continue to be a Top Workplace because we can grow and have a rewarding career at a good company.”

As an IT team member, Eric says they face a lot of variance in their day and need skills in technical problem-solving, something he likes.

“We all have responsibilities, but we help each other with the workload regarding the larger technology conversions or solving some of the bigger challenges.”

Eric said he volunteered for the PPC for the opportunity. “There are employers who don’t give their people a chance to give feedback, but this company does—quite a bit, in fact,” said Eric. “Why not make good use of it and improve the good things we have here?”

Eric said that for 2023, he’s hoping to get more people involved in the PCC and the company programs and opportunities. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel every year; we need to improve and build on what we are doing.”

“This year, the PPC member will keep building on last year’s programs and learning more about the individual departments and their programs,” said Eric. “We’ll also be looking at ways to strengthen our communication structure and get more information about what the Council is working on and what the company offers for development, training and engagement.”

Eric, thank you for your involvement in the People Care Council!