People Care Council-Mike

posted on Saturday, January 21, 2023

Mike Tate, manager of Cartwright Sow Farm, gave a straightforward reason for joining the People Care Council. “I’ve been here 24 years. I love the company. I love being here, and I want other people to see that and feel it and grow their careers here too.”

He says the Council has driven some good change, and he’s looking forward to more.

Mike’s currently on the SOP Task Force, a team trying to take a systemwide approach to ensure consistent and updated standard operating procedures throughout all departments. Something that makes completing tasks easier for employees and gives them confidence in their job.

Mike says he actively collects feedback from peers—particularly the southern Iowa region—and is always willing to hear what employees say and bring it forward.

He and many others are ready to dig into other topics, too. “Things like appreciation—we have many programs and things we do to show our appreciation and recognize our people, yet some people don’t always feel it. How do we reach and impact them? Let’s make some things we have good, better.”

Thanks, Mike, for serving on the People Care Council!