People Care Council-Peyton

posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

I think the People Care Council is beneficial because employees have good ideas for recruiting and recognizing people. Still, they don’t always know where to share their opinions,” said Peyton Williams, finishing supervisor and member of the People Care Council.

The 20-member People Care Council was introduced in early 2022 to help Iowa Select’s 1,200 employees funnel good ideas, feedback and insights into actions that help support recruitment, retention and overall employee engagement.

As a finishing supervisor, Peyton says he’s used to working with the finishing, transportation and maintenance teams, but through the PCC, he’s able to interact with many more departments.

“It gives us a more balanced perspective that helps as we plan events and provide input on programs and processes that support our employees,” said Peyton.

Peyton says many good things are going on in the company already. “We’ve been recognized as a Top Workplace for seven years in a row, which means we’ve done a great job focusing on the people care aspect of pork production.”

Plus, he enjoys his job, which is part of the reason he raised his hand to serve on the council.

“I like that every day is different,” he said. “Each day has variety and brings a new set of challenges that require problem-solving and pushes us to work together and figure things out. It’s rewarding and a good career with many opportunities.”

Now that the council has progressed through planning and hosting regional recognition events, the members have divided up to work through strengthening areas of recruitment, onboarding and identifying opportunities to improve standard operating procedures across the company.

Peyton serves on the SOP and Training Task Force and says he's ready to capture any employee’s ideas to make Iowa Select Farms a better experience.

Peyton started working at Iowa Select Farms ten years ago in high school, helping part-time at nearby finishing and sow farms. He often pitched in at the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, helping assemble PowerSnack and Pork Care packages.

After graduation, he joined the finishing team as a supervisor. Today, he oversees 25 finishing farms and supports his 12 site managers. He says he likes the challenges.
“One day you’re walking through pens of pigs, and the next day you’re cranking out worksheets—it’s never boring,” he says. “Alongside the day-to-day, we’re also jumping ahead to plan for what needs to happen weeks and months from now, preparing for the next season or next group of pigs.”

Peyton says the biggest thing he loves about Iowa Select Farms is the family feel.

“Especially on the finishing team, we are all out there together, trying to help each other out and do what’s best for our pigs, our farms and our people.”