Peterson Wins Q2 SelectPride Award

posted on Wednesday, February 2, 2022

“We work really hard every day to provide the best animal care that we can,” said Angel, manager of Peterson sow farm in Clarion, Iowa. “If that results in a win for our farm, it’s a wonderful celebration for us knowing we are performing well.”

Congratulations to Angel, Gage, Gabriela, Julian, Juan, Victor, Santos, Alejandro, Abigail, Humberto, Elsa, Isaac and Gabina on their Q2 2021 SelectPride win!

“This team is driven by how much they care about their animals and how much pride they have in the farm,” said Chris, the farm’s supervisor.

Elsa, the farm’s assistant farrowing department head, said it’s the farm’s culture that drives their performance results. We strive to work as a team, help each out and build each other up.”

Abigail, farrowing department head, said that the positivity in the environment is what is behind the willingness to help each other. “We have built trust amongst each other and are able to focus on improving in areas that may seem small but have a large impact on our overall performance. One area, in particular, is putting more focus on newborn piglet care.”

“The whole farm started making little changes,” said Angel. “Those little changes end up making big differences and I’m very proud of how hard this team worked to get to the top.”

With a huge grin on her face, Angel gleamed while talking about her team. “We’ve all worked to create a welcoming atmosphere at our farm.”

Angel’s team shared that often times they play cards and board games with each other during breaks and start the day by getting to the farm early to have coffee and share in fellowship with each other. In the summer they can be found playing soccer in the grass after showering out for the day. They work hard, but they simply have fun while doing it.

“It feels like all of our hard work is finally paying off,” said Elsa. “Some days you question what you’re doing and if it’s good enough, so when you see your hard work start to pay off, it lifts your spirits.”

This team has proven they have what it takes, and we can’t wait to watch them continue to perform well!