The Pieces that Make up the Iowa Select Farms Puzzle

posted on Friday, March 23, 2018

“The projects we’ve undertaken over the last two years have been an amazing thing to be a part of,” said Pete Thomas, DVM, Iowa Select Farms.

Congratulations to our entire team on completing multiple breeding projects, welcoming five new sow farms, increasing total born, significantly decreasing grow-finish mortality and producing 1,044,837,204 pounds of pork last year (a 4.4% improvement year-on-year). It is, and always will be, a direct result of the passion, dedication and commitment of our people.

Thanks to the amazing teams at the inner sanctum truck wash (Iowa Falls), Saratoga Gilt development unit (Riceville), Elmand Sow Farm (Chester), Oakdale Finisher (Chester) and Osage warehouse for showing us just a tiny piece of a much bigger puzzle we’re proud to call Iowa Select Farms. Check out the video here