Popcorn Sow Farm Repeats SelectPride #1 Finish

posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023

Popcorn team
Let’s hear it for the Popcorn sow farm team on their latest quarterly SelectPride #1 finish. This time, the sow supervisor group treated the crew to dinner, all sharing remarks about what makes this team exceptional.

Katie Coleman, a DVM and veterinarian for Sow 30, spoke highly of the farm's animal care. She praised the team's dedication and commitment to doing everything possible for their sows and piglets. Along with the treats and cookies shared with the animals, Coleman noted the remarkable individual attention given to each one. She considers herself fortunate to work with such a caring team.

Dan Dean, the Director of Sow Production, shares Coleman's sentiments. He recognizes the team's understanding of the importance of consistent, diligent care and attention to detail.

“This team understands that the extra effort and care they put into the animals results in good herd health and productivity,” said Dan.

Congratulations to Rhonda Root and her team on yet another quarterly SelectPride top finish—we’re proud of you! The team, consisting of Doug, Charles, Jennifer, Josh, Connie, Leann, Roberto, and Ashley, truly exemplifies exceptional animal care.