Pork Care Packages Deliveried to Members of Iowa Armed Services

posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It’s been said, “Heroes aren’t the ones wearing capes and masks, they are the ones wearing dog tags.” We couldn’t agree more. We have a tremendous amount of pride and respect for our military families, for their courage and sacrifice in protecting our country’s freedom.

Throughout December and January, twelve thousand Iowa members of the Armed Services and their families will be receiving a donation of Pork Care Packages from the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms to celebrate the holiday season.

Every member of all Iowa military units will be receiving $40 worth of coupons good for various pork products, including fresh pork, ham, ribs, bacon, and ground pork, equating to $480,000 in free pork.

One Soldier wrote in thanks—“My wife and I love to come up with creative ways to prepare and cook our meals involving our four kids. We have them come up with an idea and then we research ways to do it. This allows us to have fun with the kids and also build their confidence that they can think something up and make it happen. I want my boys to learn that they can cook, and should when they are older and have their own families.”

The Soldier went on to say, “In my kids life I have been gone a total of two years due to my military obligation so dinner time is a sacred time. Dinner is a time to love on each other and for fellowship. We will use this pork in multiple meals which will give us many, many times to become a closer family. So thank you very much for this gift.”

Employees of Iowa Select Farms are delivering the Pork Care Packages to all units of the Iowa National Guard, along with the 132nd Fighter Wing, Iowa Air National Guard; 185th Air Refueling Wing, Iowa Air National Guard; U.S. Army Reserves; U.S. Navy Reserves, and U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

Pork Care Packages were also delivered to the Iowa National Guard's Survivor Outreach Services for 600 Iowa families of fallen soldiers.

Stay tuned as we share stories of our deliveries, feature the groups who helped us assemble the care packages and highlight some of the tremendous efforts of individuals who are dedicated to helping military families.