Pork loin deliveries to Franklin County!

posted on Friday, July 8, 2016

On to Hampton where we stopped by two organizations, Franklin Co. Homecare and Franklin Co. Public Health, who provide invaluable services and care for their community. Both serve families and individuals who are elderly, immobile, chronically ill, disabled, veterans or have limited income. Our delivery crew met up with both Deb Jones of Franklin Co. Homecare and Marilynn and Christa of Franklin Co. Public Health to deliver 20 cases of pork loins, a total of 240 pork loins!

Much like we believe everyone deserves a good meal so do the people of Franklin County Homecare and Public Health. Their trained nurses and aids provide daily assistance for people who are in need and may not have the capability or means to buy or receive a meal otherwise.

“We have a lot of elderly people in the community who can’t make it out to grocery stores and it’s really hard for them,” said Deb Jones, coordinator for Franklin Co. Homecare. “Our nurses and aids do home deliveries regularly for those community members who need the help and so we’ll deliver all the pork loins to them as well.”
“These pork loins are our only donation, everything else we have to buy so we really appreciate this so much,” said Deb. “Our clients and families will be very excited as well!”