Power Snack 2022 Begins Day 2 at South Hamilton Community Schools

posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Madi and SHCS emp
Day 2 of Power Snack 2022 kicks off at South Hamilton Community Schools!

“The Power Snack coupons help our families who experience food insecurity and provide nourishment so that our students can grow healthy and be ready to learn at school,” shared Heather Holm, Elementary Principal at South Hamilton.

Ham is a quality protein source full of nutrients to help with growth, development and cognitive learning. These three things are vital for young children to succeed in school, and that is exactly what the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation wants students and families to be able to focus on. We understand that high costs at the grocery store and access to quality protein is a burden for many families in our Homegrown Iowa Communities, and we hope the Power Snack coupons along with the pork snack sticks provide an ease and boost to sustain energy throughout the school day.

800 coupons were delivered to South Hamilton Community School District today, totaling 800 pounds of deli ham valued at $6,400 and 800 loaves of whole wheat bread valued at $2,400. This will help many families provide a nutritious meal during upcoming extended breaks from school. Madi explaining PS to Heather