Power Snack 2022 Benefits the Students in Riceville

posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Madison and MIchelle with PS materials“With a large percent of free and reduced eligible families, the PowerSnack program greatly benefits students who may come from low-income families,” shared Michelle Berentsen, School Nurse at Riceville Community School District. “Living in a rural community makes it difficult for families to have access to healthy food due to the distance to the closes grocery store and the increased cost of groceries.”

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation along with Iowa Select Farms is proud to have farms and employees all across rural Iowa. We love our rural communities, but we also understand the harsh reality of accessibility to healthy food. Because of this, we are honored to provide PowerSnack coupons for deli ham and whole wheat bread that can be redeemed at rural and local grocery stores as well as large-chain grocery stores.

900 PowerSnack coupons were delivered to Riceville Community School District today, and we hope they provide accessibility to healthy food and nutrients that all children need in order to grow, develop and learn.

“Many of our students participate in the summer meal program, and breakfast and lunch at school is sometimes the only healthy and balanced meal our students receive in the day,” added Berentsen.

We know that time away from school can be difficult for many, and the goal of the PowerSnack program is to provide stability to students and families while on extended breaks from school.