Power Snack 2022 Continues Deliveries to Enarson Elementary in Southwest Valley

posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Madison with Alaina Lundgren at Enaron Elem. School
“We send the Power Snack coupon books home with our backpack program and offer the pork snack sticks to students who mention hunger, miss breakfast or need an extra boost through the day,” said Alaina Lundgren, Principal at Enarson Elementary School in Southwest Valley School District.

Along with the coupons for deli ham and whole wheat bread, the Power Snack program also provides pork snack sticks. As mentioned above, the goal of the pork sticks is to relieve immediate hunger during the school day. Teachers are free to keep these in their desks and pass out whenever they see necessary.

Enarson Elementary received 400 Power Snack coupons on behalf of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation today. These coupons account for $3,200 worth of deli ham and $1,200 worth of whole wheat bread and will supply over 4,000 snacks for students in need.

The deli ham contains nutrients that are essential for learning, and we know how difficult it is to stay focused when battling hunger. We believe no student should have hunger as a barrier to their learning, and that is why we continue to bring our Power Snack program to schools in our Homegrown Iowa communities year after year.