Power Snack 2022 Day 3 Begins at Corwith-Wesley-Lu Verne CSD

posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Madi at  CWL LuVerne ElemAnother beautiful morning for day 3 of Power Snack 2022!

“With the rising cost of groceries for families, the Power Snack coupons are a great benefit and peace of mind in knowing that kids will always have some food in their households,” said Allyson Thompson, secretary at Corwith-Wesley-Lu Verne CSD.

The mission of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is to ensure Iowans have access to nutritious protein to fill them up and sustain energy. The Power Snack program is a vital part of this mission – supplying students in our Homegrown Iowa communities with coupons for deli ham and whole wheat bread. LuVerne Community School District received 200 Power Snack coupons today accounting for 200 pounds of deli ham and 200 loaves of whole wheat bread. We love providing that “peace of mind” for families in our Homegrown Iowa communities as they head to the grocery store.

The coupons for $3 in whole wheat bread and $8 in deli ham will provide many nutritious and delicious meals for families in the Lu Verne Community School District.