Power Snack 2022 Delivers to Adams and Fairview Elementary Schools in CCSD

posted on Monday, October 31, 2022

Ali with councelor holding coupon boxes

“In the past year, the Power Snack program helped us provide healthy snacks to students complaining of hunger during the day,” said Ashley Wuebker, counselor at Fairview Elementary in Carroll, IA CCSD Elementary Schools - Adams and Fairview. “We also mailed or sent home coupons with many students and families who struggle financially.”

Not only does the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation have a mission to fight hunger throughout Iowa, but to do it in a way that is delicious, nutritious and full of healthy protein. Without these key factors, hunger would not be relieved for long.

The Power Snack coupons supply students and families with coupons for one pound of deli ham and one loaf of whole wheat bread. Coupons totaling $20,000 in deli ham and $3,600 in whole wheat bread were delivered to Fairview Elementary today to help students in need supply themselves with the quality protein source needed to help them feel strong and energized throughout the school day along with their breaks away from school.

Adams staff holding Power Snack
“We are so excited to be receiving the Power Snack coupons,” said Taylor Schulte, counselor at Adams Elementary in Carroll, Iowa. “We know how much of a help these will be to many of our students.”
The Power Snack coupon booklets contain coupons for $8 worth of deli ham and $3 for a loaf of whole wheat bread. The booklets also contain fun recipes for students to try with the deli ham.
400 coupons were delivered to Adams Elementary in Carroll, Iowa today valued at $3,200 in deli ham and $1,200 in whole wheat bread. The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is honored to play a role in keeping Iowans healthy and energized by providing a nutritious and delicious protein to add to their daily meals and snacks.