Power Snack 2022 Delivers to Diagonal

posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Diagonal PS“We love the Power Snack program because we are able to send the pork sticks home in our backpacks or provide them to children who may not have gotten food at home that day,” said Danielle Newton, Secretary at Diagonal Community School. “The coupons are so appreciated by the parents as they help save a lot of money.”

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is honored to bring our Power Snack program to our Homegrown Iowa communities now for the tenth year. A few years ago, we recognized the need for an immediate hunger relief throughout the school day, and that is why we began incorporating the pork snack sticks.

Although this may be one of the smallest districts in the state, we know they have some of the biggest hearts for providing for their students and families. We hope this program not only shows support for our students and families, but also our teachers and school faculty.

Diagonal Community School District received 300 Power Snack coupons today to distribute to students and families, and these coupons account for 300 pounds of deli ham and 300 loaves of whole wheat bread. This number of coupons will help many students and families in this rural area feel a sense of ease and comfort while providing healthy meal options for the home.

Another added benefit for our rural areas – these coupons can be used in many convenient stores and smaller general stores rather than traveling to a large chain grocery store. We hope this is another way to break the barrier of battling hunger.