Power Snack 2022 Delivers to Laurens-Marathon Elementary

posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Madison with Principal Troy at Laurens-Matathon Elem“The PowerSnack program helps provide food security for many of our students and families,” said Troy Oehlertz, Principal at Laurens-Marathon Chargers Elementary.

Food insecurity is something the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation believes no one should have to face. Unfortunately, a large number of people across our Homegrown Iowa communities are battling food insecurity and not receiving the proper nutrients needed.

Because of this, many students come to school hungry, unfocused and unwilling to learn. We know that providing young children with the protein and energy needed, it can make all the difference in allowing them to be successful.

200 PowerSnack coupons were delivered to Laurens-Marathon Elementary today to help curb this issue. The coupons contain $8 for shaved or sliced ham and $3 for whole wheat bread. These items provide the perfect power snack or meal to help students feel comfortable during their time both in and out of the classroom.