Power Snack 2022 Eases Food Insurity at Colo-Nesco Elementary

posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Eleanor at Colo-Nesco Elem“The PowerSnack Program allows us to send coupons home with students who come from food-insecure families,” said Tony Stalzer, At-Risk Coach and PE Teacher at Colo-NESCO Community Schools Elementary. “The past two years have been tough on all, and the PowerSnack program has helped eased the burden of buying groceries, especially around holidays and extended breaks throughout the school year.”

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation recognizes that a lot of students rely on their time at school to receive a healthy and balanced meal. Unfortunately, this leaves many not looking forward to weekends and holiday breaks. We are proud to bring our PowerSnack program to schools in our Homegrown Iowa communities in order to curb this issue.

The PowerSnack coupons supply students with $8 worth of shaved or sliced ham and $3 for a loaf of whole wheat bread. Colo-Nesco Elementary received 200 of these coupons today to distribute to students and families in need. Along with the coupons were 200 pork snack sticks for teachers to keep on hand as an immediate source of hunger relief throughout the day.

“Thank you to Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation for this program,” added Stalzer.

We love being a small part of helping students in our rural Iowa districts focus on their learning and success rather than hunger.