Power Snack 2022 Helps Carroll Middle School

posted on Monday, October 31, 2022

Staff at Carroll Middle School holding coupons boxes“We are so thankful to be able to provide help to students in need by reducing their grocery bill with the Power Snack coupons for ham and bread, as well as being able to distribute snacks to those who struggle with food insecurity,” said Ann McCartan, school nurse at Carroll Middle School Carroll Community School District

Along with the deli ham and whole wheat bread Power Snack coupons, the Deb and Jeff Hansen felt a need for an immediate source of hunger relief for students during the school day. Because of this, each school also receives 200 pork sticks for teachers to distribute to students throughout the day as they see fit.

“The nurse, counselors, and teachers interact with students who are in need or state they are hungry,” said McCartan. “We have given pork sticks to these students to relieve hunger and stress, and this has given them the ability to focus on their academics.”

We know students are faced with various stressors throughout the day, and we do not want hunger to be one of them. Having the protein and energy needed to get through the school day can make all the difference in a student's mood and performance.

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is glad that not only the pork sticks will help combat hunger for students at Carroll Middle School, but also the $7,200 in deli ham coupons and $2,700 in whole wheat bread coupons that were delivered today for students in need. We hope this helps students and families enjoy their time together as we head into some extended breaks from school!