Power Snack 2022 Helps Emmetsburg Community Schools

posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

ECS with MadisonThe Power Snack coupons are much needed for the families in our school district,” shared Kate Francis, School Counselor at Emmetsburg Community Schools Middle School and West Elementary. “A nutritious loaf of bread and a pound of ham will help feed several family members.”

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is passionate about Iowans having access to protein that is both nutritious and delicious, and that is exactly what the Power Snack coupons provide. The coupons delivered to Emmetsburg Community School District today will supply over 10,000 meals for students and families in the district. We love sharing these coupons because they are so versatile and can create many different meals outside of a ham sandwich.

1,100 Power Snack coupons were delivered in Emmetsburg today along with pork snack sticks. The pork sticks supplement the goal of providing hunger relief to students in need. These supply an immediate boost of energy that a student may need during the school day.

We are honored to assist in the battle against hunger in our communities throughout Iowa. It is an issue that is constantly on the rise, and it is our goal to combat this issue and provide a healthy protein to many Iowa families.