Power Snack 2022 Helps Students at Clay Central/Everly CSD

posted on Monday, November 7, 2022

Madison at CC-E
The Power Snack program will help ensure students will have more food in their households so there will be fewer food insecurities,” said Marlana Tewes, School Counselor at Clay Central/Everly Community School District Elementary School. “Children and families will not have to worry as much about where their meals will come from because the coupons will help have food readily available for them. Children will be able to come to school with full bellies – happy and ready to learn!”

That’s the goal – happy and ready to learn – and we know our protein-packed pork can deliver just that. Clay Central-Everly Elementary received 300 Power Snack coupons today on behalf of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. The booklets contain coupons for $3 off a loaf of whole wheat bread and $8 for a pound of deli ham along with fun recipes for children and families to try with their deli ham. Outside of a ham sandwich, these recipes can help stretch the use of the ham to supply the maximum number of meals for a child or family.

We are thrilled to share these coupons along with pork snack sticks to schools in our Homegrown Iowa communities and provide that sense of comfort for families to supply a nutritious meal as we head into some upcoming extended breaks from school.