Power Snack 2022 Makes a Stop at Lied Education Center

posted on Monday, November 7, 2022

Madison at Lied Ed Center
“The PowerSnack program benefits many students by helping fulfill their primary needs so that they can focus on developing as individuals and gaining life-long skills,” shared Stacy Meisgeier, Principal at Lied Education Center in Waverly, Iowa.

One of the many pillars of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is providing hunger relief throughout our communities in Iowa. We believe no one deserves to have hunger be a barrier to their success. Too many young children and families are facing food insecurity right now, especially with the rising cost of living. Because of this, we are honored to bring our PowerSnack coupon booklets to schools across our Homegrown Iowa Communities.

The PowerSnack coupons provide $8 for deli ham and $3 for a loaf of whole wheat bread. Ham is packed with nutrients that help with growth, development and cognitive learning – all necessary essentials for children.

We hope the coupons delivered today provide students and families a sense of ease and comfort as they focus on growing as individuals, rather than having to focus on hunger and food insecurity.