Power Snack 2022 Makes an Additional Stop at N

posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Madison at Fenton Elem. School“We add the Power Snack coupons to our weekly Backpack Buddies that go home with students and families, and they love the coupons and pork sticks,” shared Judi Bruhn, Secretary at Fenton Elementary School in North Union Warriors School District.

We love hearing about all the different ways schools choose to distribute the Power Snack coupons. Our only goal is to make sure the coupons reach the homes of many students and families in need, and it is always fun for us to hear about what happens with the Power Snack coupons after we deliver them to the schools.

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation delivered 300 Power Snack coupons to Fenton Elementary today, totaling 300 pounds of deli ham and 300 loaves of whole wheat bread.  These coupons will provide over 3,000 meals for students and families.

The coupons also contain fun and healthy recipes to show the versatility of using the deli ham. We hope these coupons and recipe ideas help students come to school with a full stomach and ready to learn.