Power Snack 2022 Makes a Stop at St. Ansgar High School

posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Madison at SAHS
“The PowerSnack coupons provide healthy food for our students and their families throughout the school year at a time when many families are struggling to keep up with expenses,” said Lynn Baldus, Principal at Saint Ansgar Community School District. “This food may be the only option students have for supper or for meals on the weekends and longer breaks from school. Thank you for this contribution!”

Unfortunately, many families across Iowa are battling high costs not only at the grocery store, but across all parts of living. The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation feels passionately about providing access to healthy and nutritious protein for all Iowans, no matter the level of food security.

Because of the current cost of living, we understand that a lot of students depend on their meals at school to get them through the week.

That is why extended breaks from school can be so difficult for so many. The PowerSnack coupons hope to combat this issue by providing $8 worth of deli ham and $3 worth of whole wheat bread. This combination provides a healthy and power-packed meal that can provide sustainability during weekends and breaks.

400 coupons were delivered to St. Ansgar High School today, and we hope this provides some comfort to many families as they head into the grocery store before our first extended break from school.