Power Snack 2022

posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Madison and Osage Lincoln Elem“The PowerSnack program provides opportunities for extra food supplies for families in need which, in turn, helps students come to school nourished and ready to learn,” said Erin Bremer, School Counselor at Osage Lincoln Elementary.

Our primary goal of the PowerSnack program here at the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is to ensure young children and adolescents have the nutrients needed to excel in their lives both in and out of the classroom. It is incredibly difficult to focus and succeed when you are battling a hungry stomach.

Lincoln Elementary received 600 PowerSnack coupons today along with 200 pork snack sticks. All of these items will relieve hunger during both school hours and the hours away from school. The coupons provide $8 worth of deli ham and $3 worth of whole wheat bread. We believe all families deserve to have these healthy and nutritious items in their kitchens to provide a balanced and protein-packed meal.

The coupons delivered today are valued at $4,800 in deli ham and $1,800 in whole wheat bread. We hope this eases the burden of high costs as many families take their next stroll down the grocery aisle.