Power Snack 2022 Provides for Families at Bedford Community Schools

posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Madison and  Dana Nall at Bedford Comm Schools
“We feel that the Power Snack program not only provides families with food and resources, it also gives us the opportunity to speak to students about healthy food and snack options,” shared Dana Nally, K-5 Principal at Bedford Community Schools.

As pork producers, we believe in the health benefits provided by this protein. We love the idea of students learning about healthy food options at a young age, and the Power Snack program is a great way to promote this knowledge.

The Power Snack booklets contain coupons for deli ham and whole wheat bread along with fun and healthy recipe ideas. These recipes boost creativity and are simple enough for children to prepare on their own. Another benefit is that they all require minimal ingredients – most things that can already be found in your pantry or refrigerator.

Our mission is to show students and families that healthy eating can be simple, but also to provide Iowans access to healthy eating while food costs are so high. The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is honored to be in our rural school districts to help combat hunger, and it was a pleasure to share 600 of our Power Snack coupons here at Bedford Community School District.