Power Snack 2022 Stops by South Hardin Schools

posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Eleanor at South Hardin
“The PowerSnack program has been a benefit to many families in the community by providing a necessary component for stability in the household,” said Michael Rundall, Administrator at South Hardin High School. “It has been a great offering to the families of our communities.” The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation delivered 700 PowerSnack coupons to South Hardin High School and 600 coupons to South Hardin Schools: Home of the Tigers Middle School today to help offset the high costs we are currently facing at the grocery store.

Each PowerSnack coupon contains $8 for deli ham and $3 for whole wheat bread. Along with the coupons are recipes to highlight the versatility of the deli ham and how it can be easily utilized during any meal of the day.

“The coupons provide food and health benefits for students that may struggle with getting sufficient food in their homes,” shared Taylor Luhman, School Nurse at South Hardin Middle School. “It also provides health benefits for our students that might be diabetic and need a quick snack.”

Not only does the PowerSnack program include coupons for ham and bread, but also a delivery of 200 pork sticks for teachers to share with students who need immediate hunger relief. We believe no student should have to face food insecurity as a barrier to learning, and we are proud to help supply a way for students to receive proper nutrition and protein.