Power Snack 2022 Stops in Belmond-Klemme Community School District

posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Belmond-Klemme CSD delivery
“The Power Snack program has been a great asset to our school district and community,” shared Kim Belstene, Food Services Director for Belmond-Klemme Community School District. “We hand them out when there is a holiday break or extended weekend in hopes that the coupons will provided added support for those times.”

A large number of students and families in the Belmond-Klemme Community School District will experience a sense of relief after the delivery of 20,000 Power Snack coupons for deli ham and whole wheat bread. These coupons allow families to redeem $8 in deli ham and $3 for a loaf of whole wheat bread, totaling $160,000 in ham and $60,000 in bread.

Hardworking Iowans in our Homegrown Iowa communities are battling high costs at the grocery store in order to supply healthy meals for their families, and this is something the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation feels no one deserves to worry about.

This is why we are honored to continue our Power Snack program for the tenth year and provide ham and bread coupons along with pork snack sticks to families in need. We hope this brings comfort and a boost of energy to students as we head into the holidays and extended breaks from school.