Power Snack 2022 Stops in Paton-Churdan CSD

posted on Monday, October 31, 2022

Children holding Power Snack coupon boxes
Next stop of the day: Paton-Churdan CSD

“We send home weekend food packs with our food-insecure families and many state that when we include the Power Snack coupons, it is their primary source of food for that period of time,” shared Annie Smith, Principal at Paton-Churdan.

Our Power Snack coupon deliveries are made special for this exact reason. The primary purpose is to ensure that students and families have high-quality protein to help them have energy for those long days at school, work, and even away from school and work.

400 coupons, totaling $3,200 in deli ham and $1,200 in whole wheat bread, will provide a solid meal source for families in need. With the cost of food, meat specifically, rising at an all-time high, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation hopes the Power Snack coupons continue to bring families the support they deserve.