Power Snack 2022 Takes on Southern Iowa

posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Carke CSDDay 4 of Power Snack 2022 takes us to southern Iowa!

“The Power Snack coupons and pork sticks help our students stay nourished so they can focus on academics instead of hunger,” said Shelly Morgan, School Counselor at Clarke Community Schools Middle School and High School.

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation started the Power Snack program in hopes of tearing down barriers for students who come to school hungry. We understand how difficult it is to focus and be successful when your body is not fueled with the proper nutrients.

Clarke Middle School and High School received 1,600 Power Snack coupons to help relieve hunger for many students and families throughout the district. These coupons account for 1,600 pounds of deli ham and 1,600 loaves of whole wheat bread. These ingredients will provide the perfect snack to boost students through the school day or supply them with a nutritious meal when on an extended break from school.