Power Snack 2022 Visits Our Hometown-Iowa Falls

posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Eleanor with IFA staff member“The PowerSnack coupons are great additions for families who may be struggling with food insecurity,” said Maria Heetland, School Nurse Assistant at Iowa Falls - Alden High School Cadets. “It allows them to add bread and lunch meat to the shopping carts and still have money left over to shop for other items.”

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation started the PowerSnack program ten years ago in hopes of providing a supplemental resource for protein to students who look forward to coming to school to receive a healthy and balanced meal. Many students face food insecurity on the weekends and extended breaks from school, and the PowerSnack program provides a way for students to still receive these nutrients outside of school hours.

800 PowerSnack coupons, each containing $8 for shaved or sliced ham and $3 for whole wheat bread were delivered to Iowa Falls-Alden High School today along with 200 pork snack sticks. Many teenagers are not meeting the daily protein intake requirements, leaving them unenergized and unfocused on learning. No child deserves to face this barrier, and we know that the ham and bread coupons are a great way to break it down.