Power Snack Day Seven Begins in Gilmore City

posted on Monday, November 8, 2021

On the road again to deliver even more Power Snacks!

“The Power Snack Program allows us to provide a nutritious option for students that otherwise may not have much to eat over an extended break," said Kelsey Wigins, Seed to Table Manager at Gilmore City-Bradgate Elementary School. "We find these coupons help many families over Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Thank you for all you do to give back to our communities."

Sign for school

With 1 in 8 Iowa children facing food insecurity, Iowa Select Farms, under the leadership of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, are driving the change to help end childhood hunger.

By delivering Power Snacks to districts, such as Gilmore City-Bradgate, children in need are able to make nutritious and filling meals at home.

Just now, we were able to supply this district with 400 Power Snack coupon booklets, a contribution valued at $3,200 to this community.

This is just the first of 11 stops today.. check back to see where we're headed next!