Power Snack Makes Three Stops in Carroll

posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

“The Power Snack program benefits our students and families identified as low-income by providing them with a healthy meal source that is at no cost to them, can be obtained fairly conveniently, and is one less meal that parents/guardians have to worry about providing,” said Kristi Shanks, Counselor for Carroll High School. “Each year, our students are grateful to receive this service. Thank you!”


We were busy stopping at the Carroll Community School District this morning with Power Snack coupons for Fairview Elementary, Carroll Middle School and Carroll High School—with each getting 700, 700 and 500 coupons, respectively.

With the intentions of helping students and families provide meals for their children while school is not in session, the Power Snack program through the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation gives students the opportunity to have nutritious meals at home.

“We send Power Snack coupons home with students during the holiday and summer breaks,” said Kristi Peters, Counselor for Carroll Middle School. “Our students and families really look forward to receiving the coupons!”

In total, 2,100 students will be given coupons to provide themselves with a healthy and protein-packed Power Snack.

Eleanor in Carroll